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About the Solar Time App

In an age where time zones rule the world it's easy to forget that originally our clocks kept time with the sun. Back in the day "high noon" was exactly that; when the sun was at its highest point in the sky that was 12 o'clock noon.

The Solar Time app gives you the current time based on the sun's location, known as "apparent solar time". It can either do this for your current location (via your device) or for a specified location. The app also has a large selection of cities from around the world that you can choose for your location, or you can even enter your specific latitude and longitude!

The app presents the current solar time via a large analog clock along with the digital time below. It also will update its Start Menu Tile as long as the app is running.

About Solar Time

As noted above this app uses "apparent solar time". This means that the app calculates the sun's actual position in the sky as opposed to "mean solar time" which simply takes the current UTC time (basically the current time in Greenwich, England) and adjusts it for your current longitude. How are the two different? Because earth's orbit is not a perfect circle but rather an ellipse our orbital speed around the sun is not even throughout the year and that means that the solar day actually varies from the ideal 24 hour day by as much as 30 seconds. This app uses calculations to determine the sun's location for the given time of the year and your specific location to give you an accurate solar time. Check out Wikipedia for more.

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