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Civilization VI Continent Names Editor

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    Civ VI Continent Names Editor for Windows Desktop

  • Compatible with .NET Framework 4.5.2 and newer.
  • Works on
    • Windows 10
    • Windows 8.1
    • Windows 8
    • Windows 7 SP1
    • Vista SP2

About the Continent Names Editor

There are too many default continent names in Civ VI that sound far too similar to one another. This editor will allow you to change that via the "New Continent Names" mod. In addition editing continent names you can also edit which color is associated with a continent.

First Run

When the program first runs it will attempt to find the Mods directory on its own. If that directory does not exist, or if your system denies permission to search for files, you will be prompted to manually locate this directory, typically under "Documents" as "My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Mods". If for some reason you cannot (or do not want to) select the actual mods directory you can select any directory you want and move 'NewContinentNames' to the mods directory later.

New installations start with the names from Civ VI (English). You can later switch to any language supported by Civ VI and reload the list, or you can elect to load a sample list of A-Z one-name-per-letter names. But that list is only in English.

Desktop vs Windows Store App

The desktop program runs on all versions of Windows supported by Civ VI. It is not digitally signed, though, so you'll need to ignore Windows' warning when installing this program.

The Windows Store App is digitally signed and certified by Microsoft to be safe to run on your computer and will therefore receive no installation warnings. It is, however, only available on Windows 10.

The only major functionality difference between the two is that the desktop program does not save anything until specifically told to do so (File->Save, or Ctrl+S), while the Store App saves as it goes.

Previous Versions of the Mod

If you have subscribed to New Continent Names or New Continent Names Better Names, you should unsubscribe. Otherwise you'll have to specifically enable just one version and if you forget there's no telling which version Civ VI will load. If you have manually downloaded New Continent Names or New Continent Names Better Names from civfanatics, you'll want to delete it for the same reasons.

Save Game Note

Important Reminder: Don't go editing continent names in the middle of a game. Certain changes, like deleting entries or deciding to enforce/unenforce strict A-Z one-letter-per-entry, can break saved games!

Questions? Comments?

I occasionally check on this thread on CivFanatics for new questions or comments. You may also contact me at I reserve the right to publish any email I receive with all identifying information removed (unless you specifically ask). See the privacy policy for details.

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